Because racecar, right? Truth is, I don’t track my car, so I’ve got absolutely no practical reason for installing a TRS Tow Strap. I just like how they look to be perfectly honest.

You’ll notice the STi has these little slits in the foglight covers. What actual purpose do they serve? I’ve no idea – but it’s the perfect spot for a Tow Strap to peek through.


So trawling through eBay, as you do, I found a quirky little accessory going by the name of a TRS Tow Strap. For the grand sum of £10-ish delivered, I thought why not – it’s a bit of fun.

TRS Tow Strap

Delivered nice and quick, I set about removing the foglight covers and figuring how to mount it. Luckily there’s quite a sturdy bolt that attaches to the frame just handily sitting there doing nothing underneath the covers.

So there we have it, another spontaneous, cheap modification. It’s a bit unique, and sets the car apart a little.

And as my little cousin now says, “Your car’s sticking its tongue out!”