Month: November 2014

What is PPP – Subaru Prodrive Performance Pack

Throughout the majority of the Subaru Impreza’s lifespan here in the UK, engineering firm Prodrive have led the way in bespoke modifications officially sanctioned by Subaru themselves. Not only known for a successful long-running rally partnership in the WRC, Prodrive offered (and continue to produce) numerous upgrades for road-going Subaru’s – commonly known as Prodrive Performance Packs (PPP). Starting in the late 90’s Prodrive began offering specially engineered parts for a selection of Subaru vehicles, most notably the Impreza, to allow customers a step closer in attaining a true road-worthy rally car experience. Available as an optional extra from...

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Tailored STi Floor Mats

Along with the strut brace in my first delivery from the folks at ScoobyParts was a set of 4 STi branded tailored floor mats. Just what I needed seeing as my Impreza came with a set of ill-fitting universal type mats. With a nicely embroidered STi logo and a choice of colours, these floor mats make a very nice replacement for the authentic Subaru items. To add a little contrast to the already blue interior carpet, I opted for a solid black colour. I don’t have an picture of the rear mats, but they fit just as nicely as...

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Front Strut Brace Installation

One of the most significant yet effortlessly simple modifications I made to my other car, a Toyota MR2, was the addition of a front strut brace. Why not start with this for my Impreza? When it comes to the newage Impreza you can choose between a rare official STi brace in carbon, or a generic aftermarket alloy brace. Due to time and money constraints, I opted for a generic aftermarket Impreza strut brace from ScoobyParts. A good price and one fast delivery later, this arrived at my door: Fitting is simply a matter of removing/replacing 6 nuts from the...

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ImprezaCat – Volume 1

Meet ImprezaCat, the affectionate name I’ve given to the pet moggy at my place of work. I sometimes wonder whether he likes my Subaru more than me. Taken November 2013. Stay tuned for more of this little...

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Prodrive PFF7 Speedline Alloy Wheels – A Closer Look

As mentioned in the post detailing the purchase of my Impreza, I managed to bag a set of Gold Prodrive PFF7 Alloy wheels into the deal. Let’s take a closer look at this much coveted wheel choice. Made exclusively for Prodrive by Speedline in Italy, the PFF7 (Prodrive Flow Forming 7-Spoke) was a popular optional extra for owners of Newage Imprezas. Good condition sets seem to be getting harder to find now (can you still buy these new??), and they can fetch a premium compared to other popular wheel choices. The Prodrive PFF7 wheel (not PPF7, a common mistake)...

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