Thanks to a discounted group buy over at Scoobynet I couldn’t resist the lure of a set of hydraulic bonnet dampers, something I had previously fitted to my MR2 and had been very impressed with.

Very simple to fit, nicely priced and makes accessing the engine bay so much easier. Not too much to say about these, but in my view they’re a very worthwhile modification.

Held on by a ball/socket joint bolted to existing holes, with a little circlip type thing, they’re very solid. They don’t open too fast or too slow, and fold down neatly and silently when shutting the bonnet.

Impreza Bonnet Dampers

I still retain the old bonnet stay as a ‘just in case’ measure. I know the hydraulics in these can be prone to leakage and failure, but with more than two years of use so far they’re holding up just fine for me.