Throughout the majority of the Subaru Impreza’s lifespan here in the UK, engineering firm Prodrive have led the way in bespoke modifications officially sanctioned by Subaru themselves.

Not only known for a successful long-running rally partnership in the WRC, Prodrive offered (and continue to produce) numerous upgrades for road-going Subaru’s – commonly known as Prodrive Performance Packs (PPP).

Starting in the late 90’s Prodrive began offering specially engineered parts for a selection of Subaru vehicles, most notably the Impreza, to allow customers a step closer in attaining a true road-worthy rally car experience.

Available as an optional extra from the dealer upon purchase from new, these ‘Prodrive Performance Packs’ (branded WR Sport) comprised of a selection of parts and accessories to further enhance the already impressive performance of Subaru’s flagship models.

Each iteration of PPP was engineered especially for its corresponding generation of Impreza, and was generally offered as a whole package with individual components not up for resale separately. It was all or nothing with Prodrive!

Typical modifications you’d find in a PPP installation would be a Remapped ECU (a result of which Prodrive strongly recommend sticking to 98+ octane fuel), Sports Catalyst, Backbox and High Flow Fuel Pump. Some parts varied among Impreza models, but this is the basic formula that all Prodrive Performance Packs stuck to.

PPP Prodrive Performance Pack Parts

When looking to buy my own Impreza, the addition of a Prodrive Performance Pack was high on my list of priorities. On my 2003 STi it bought the power up to over 300bhp and provided enough subtle modifications to keep even the most power-hungry motorist satisfied (a sub-5-second 0-60mph time is plenty, right?)

Other parts my Impreza has that are not featured in the official PPP documentation include a red silicone intercooler hose and red Prodrive suspension springs. Whether these were an optional dealer extra or part of the PPP itself I’m not sure, but I’m glad they’re fitted.

PPP Prodrive Performance Pack Certificate

An example Certificate as provided upon fitment of PPP

I’ve gathered a selection of official Prodrive brochures below outlining the upgrades and performance figures available for most generations of Impreza. Feel free to download each of them and take a look at what was offered, from 1999 to 2008:

Prodrive Performance Pack Brochures (PDF)

Prodrive WR Sport PPP Dealer Brochure (includes details of the rare Impreza WR by Prodrive)

1999 Impreza Turbo PPP Brochure

2002 WRX STi PPP Brochure

2003 WRX PPP Brochure

2003 WRX STi PPP Brochure

2006 WRX PPP Brochure

2006 WRX STi PPP Brochure

2008 WRX STi PPP Brochure