Month: April 2015

Fitting an HD AT700 Dashcam & Review

I’m a very cautious driver, and very proud of the fact that I’ve never been involved in an accident of any kind. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for other drivers on the road, so to protect myself I’ve bought and installed a cheap AT700 HD Dashcam. (Also sold as a G1W, Novatek and E-Prance dashcam – but they’re all fundamentally the same.) Purchased from Amazon for a grand total of £40, this dashcam has all the functions I need for reliable video recording just in case the worst were to happen. I also fitted a Class 10 32GB...

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Fitting a HT Autos Front Lip Splitter

Known as one of the highest quality aftermarket part producers in the UK, HT Autos have a reputation of providing some real nice bolt-on kit for Subarus. And I couldn’t help but purchase one of their newage Front Lip splitter kits. Coming in at around the £100 mark thanks to another Scoobynet group buy, the front lip splitter isn’t exactly the cheapest of modifications – but the cost is totally justified. Made from strong yet flexible polyurethane plastic, it is molded to fit the bumper of the Impreza with absolute precision. It’s also nicely packaged and quickly delivered too:...

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Fitting a Smaller Front Number Plate

Starting now on the front-end of the Impreza, the first job I need to take care of is to replace the horribly large front numberplate with a smaller, neater item. What an eyesore. I managed to find an online vendor willing to cut me a custom sized plate to fit the exact size of the protruding ‘bracket’ on the bumper. A quick 10 minute job makes this one of the less difficult, and most visually effective mods to accomplish. Much...

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Subaru Impreza vs Toyota MR2

Just a couple of pictures of the first time I had both of my cars out at the same time. Nothing special to see here, but considering my MR2 spends 99% of its time in the garage, I thought I’d take a picture or two. Try to ignore my crappy neighbourhood, but note the other three Japanese cars in the...

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K&N Panel Air Filter Installation

There are really no shortage of options when it comes to breathing mods like an air filter on cars, but I prefer to keep it simple. And you can’t go wrong with a K&N Panel Filter. Induction kits are always tempting when modifying how your car breathes, but with a highly tuned turbocharged engine you need to be very careful about disrupting the ECU map. As induction kits remove much of the factory pipework and resonators from the intake it will obviously disrupt, or rather increase, the airflow to the engine. It can also induce heat soak due to...

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Hydraulic Bonnet Dampers Installation

Thanks to a discounted group buy over at Scoobynet I couldn’t resist the lure of a set of hydraulic bonnet dampers, something I had previously fitted to my MR2 and had been very impressed with. Very simple to fit, nicely priced and makes accessing the engine bay so much easier. Not too much to say about these, but in my view they’re a very worthwhile modification. Held on by a ball/socket joint bolted to existing holes, with a little circlip type thing, they’re very solid. They don’t open too fast or too slow, and fold down neatly and silently...

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Subaru Impreza RC Car Build Project

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a fan of RC cars – but more-so the building of the cars themselves rather than the actual ‘playing’ aspect. So what better way to commemorate my own car than build a scale model Impreza RC Car replica? My base vehicle was an old carbon chassis shaft-driven HPI PRO 4 that I’d converted to Brushless & LiPo power. For as long as I’d owned this it had basically been sitting under my bed gathering dust and I had never fitted a body shell, so it was time to change...

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