There are really no shortage of options when it comes to breathing mods like an air filter on cars, but I prefer to keep it simple. And you can’t go wrong with a K&N Panel Filter.

Induction kits are always tempting when modifying how your car breathes, but with a highly tuned turbocharged engine you need to be very careful about disrupting the ECU map.

As induction kits remove much of the factory pipework and resonators from the intake it will obviously disrupt, or rather increase, the airflow to the engine. It can also induce heat soak due to increased exposure of the air filter element to the engine itself. This can often lead to unexpected results, which I won’t go into right here, but you really need to be careful.

To compromise, I’ve always had good success simply fitting a performance panel air filter – in this case a K&N 33-2232 part for around £35.

K&N Air Filter

It’ll last way longer than the standard factory option, and if it gives even the slightest performance boost then it’s (cheap) money well spent!