Just a quick reference post, here are the headlight bulb types fitted to all Subaru Impreza Blobeye models.

Blobeye Headlight Bulbs

The bulbs fitted to Blobeye headlights are as follows:

  • Dipped/Low Beam: H1
  • Full/High Beam: HB3 / 9005
  • Sidelight: 501 / W5W

Best Headlight Bulbs for Blobeye?

Personally I tend to stick with Osram brand bulbs when replacing headlight bulbs.

At the moment I’m running Osram Nightbreaker H1 Bulbs which I purchase from Amazon for around £15 for two bulbs.

I have also used the Osram Blue Intense Bulbs in the past with equally good results. These can usually be bought for a little cheaper than the  Nightbreakers.

Check out my post on fitting Osram Nightbreaker bulbs here.