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Repairing My Prodrive Exhaust Back Box

Upon fitting my newly purchased TSL Group N Exhaust, I realised that my Prodrive Backbox had at some point in its life been ripped apart and gutted. Naturally, I decided to take a closer look and try a DIY repair.

Fitting a TSL Motorsport Group N Catback Exhaust Backbox

Heads up! As of April 2022 I’m currently selling this very same TSL exhaust. Hit me up on Instagram if you’re interested! If you can see this notice it’s still available…

The TSL Motorsport Group N exhaust for the Subaru Impreza is quite a revered choice when it comes to ‘standard-looking’ backbox options. Not too flashy, and not as antisocial as something like a Nur Spec or Afterburner exhaust.

Bosch S4 024 Blue Top Battery Fitment

The Winter weather and many cold starts have really taken its toll on my old standard battery. Being such a vital part of a car, why skimp on cheap battery? I bought myself a Bosch S4 024 battery to really bring the Impreza to life.

Uniroyal Rainsport 3 Tyres Fitment and Review

New Uniroyal Rainsport 3 tyres; quite an expense, but one of the most important features of a car. Tyres are the only thing that provide contact with the road, so you need to make sure you’ve got good quality rubber at all times – especially on a 4WD Subaru Impreza.

Silicone Hoses and Engine Bay Tidy

Following a recent service by my local Subaru specialists Zen Performance, it had been recommended that an upgrade to decent silicone hoses makes a very worthwhile upgrade, both in looks, performance and preventative maintenance measures.

TRS Tow Strap Install

Because racecar, right? Truth is, I don’t track my car, so I’ve got absolutely no practical reason for installing a TRS Tow Strap. I just like how they look to be perfectly honest.

Pink STi Badge Emblem Fitment

Just a small modification this one, but to further reflect the STi heritage of my Impreza, I thought I’d take a look at fitting a new front STi badge to replace the original Subaru emblem.

Subaru Impreza Tinted Windows

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that tinted windows have quite an impact on the styling of any car. I’m a big fan, and in early 2014 decided to tint the windows of my Impreza.

Fitting a HT Autos Front Lip Splitter

Known as one of the highest quality aftermarket part producers in the UK, HT Autos have a reputation of providing some real nice bolt-on kit for Subarus.
And I couldn’t help but purchase one of their newage Front Lip splitter kits.

Tailored STi Floor Mats

Along with the strut brace in my first delivery from the folks at ScoobyParts was a set of 4 STi branded tailored floor mats. Just what I needed seeing as my Impreza came with a set of ill-fitting universal type mats.

Front Strut Brace Installation

One of the most significant yet effortlessly simple modifications I made to my other car, a Toyota MR2, was the addition of a front strut brace. Why not start with this for my Impreza?

First Clean and a Closer Look

At the closest opportunity, which naturally meant on a dry weekend, I did what any new-car-owner should do and gave the Impreza a thorough clean! In credit to the previous owner it was already in a rather tidy condition, but there’s no better way of getting to know the inside and out of your new car than getting up close with the polish.


Subaru WRX STi Mods & Blog

The latest happenings with my 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX STi. Modifications, photographs and day-to-day running of my STi. I built this site to become an informative resource on the 2003-2005 'Blobeye' Impreza models. Hopefully you'll find something worth reading!

My car is my daily driver therefore you won't find anything too crazy here. My intentions are to keep my STi somewhat stock, but upgraded in the areas that matter most.

My ultimate intention is to have a well maintained, performant but above all reliable vehicle I can use to get me to work and back - with a smile on my face! 

Please do reach out in the comments sections on any post if you need some help or clarification, I'll try my best to help you out.