Along with the strut brace in my first delivery from the folks at ScoobyParts was a set of 4 STi branded tailored floor mats. Just what I needed seeing as my Impreza came with a set of ill-fitting universal type mats.

With a nicely embroidered STi logo and a choice of colours, these floor mats make a very nice replacement for the authentic Subaru items. To add a little contrast to the already blue interior carpet, I opted for a solid black colour.

Impreza Floor Mats

I don’t have an picture of the rear mats, but they fit just as nicely as the front pair.

Impreza Floor Mats

The only thing I will mention is that although the heel section of the front driver’s mat is reinforced with extra material, I did find that even after just a few days use that particular area was wearing down from my feet.

To solve it I just re-fitted the universal mats over the top. Job done, and a nice comfy feel!