Following a recent service by my local Subaru specialists Zen Performance, it had been recommended that an upgrade to decent silicone hoses makes a very worthwhile upgrade, both in looks, performance and preventative maintenance measures.

Luckily, happened to be running a 20% off promotion around this time – so I opted to purchase a silicone airbox hose, plus top and bottom silicone radiator hoses. All in bright red, and for the reasonable price of £70 all-in.

A couple of days after placing my order, a package arrived:


And inside, some very nice silicone hoses. All UK-made, and with a lifetime warranty:


Fitting Silicone Hoses

Opting to wait for a professional before installing my radiator hoses, I decided to go ahead and just fit the airbox hose for the meantime. Fitment was a little fiddly, but overall just a very straightforward swap of parts.


Whilst I was focussing on the aesthetics of the engine bay, and now that I’m quite fond of the red colour of the hoses, I decided to tidy up some of the old hoses in-situ.

By installing some coloured conduit over the original pipework, it makes the engine bay look particularly smart. It’s easy to go over the top with these kind of mods, so I kept it somewhat subtle.

I painted my battery brace red and the alternator cover gunmetal at the same time too.

Silicone Airbox Hose

In my opinion, much better.

Update: Radiator Hoses fitted November 2015



Link to silicone hoses: