Just a small thing I like to do when exploring a new car is to check the oft-forgotten cabin filter. This is the last line of defense between you and the outside world when it comes to having a pleasant interior.

Used for blocking any unwanted substances like leaves, dust and pollen from entering the interior of your car through the ventilation system, your cabin filter should ideally be checked and cleaned/replaced every year or so.

Like most cars, the cabin filter in the Newage Subaru Impreza is behind the glovebox. A bit of tinkering later, and the glovebox is removed and the cabin filter inspected:

Subaru Impreza Cabin Filter

It looks like my filter is in pretty decent condition, but instead of replacing it outright I simply gave it a quick vacuum to remove any larger particles. This should last well for a while yet.

If you haven’t done so recently, take 5 minutes to have a look at your cabin filter – you might be surprised what you find.