One of the most significant yet effortlessly simple modifications I made to my other car, a Toyota MR2, was the addition of a front strut brace. Why not start with this for my Impreza?

When it comes to the newage Impreza you can choose between a rare official STi brace in carbon & titanium, or a generic aftermarket alloy brace. Due to time and money constraints, I opted for a generic aftermarket Impreza strut brace from ScoobyParts.

A good price and one fast delivery later, this arrived at my door:

Impreza Front Strut Brace

Fitting is simply a matter of removing/replacing 6 nuts from the suspension struts – a quick 10-minute task anybody is capable of. Even if the intended effects of more front-end rigidity are negligible, at least it looks really smart in the engine bay!


Impreza Front Strut Brace Before


Impreza Front Strut Brace After