The wiper arms on my Impreza were suffering from a nasty case of corrosion, growing by the day. So out comes the paint.

The wintry conditions had taken their toll on my poor wiper arms, so once a sunny day appeared I set about removing them and giving them a small refurbish.

Nice and easy to remove, a small rubber plug covers the one bolt holding each wiper arm in place.

It may take a little bit of wiggling to free them from the splines of the motor shaft.

Once off, I removed the wiper blades, and gave the arms a thorough sand down to remove any current flaking paint.

My paint of choice for this application was a simple can of Hammerite Satin Black spray paint, available from any local supplier – or here!

I found many thin coats were best for this paint, along with a sunny day for prompt drying – admittedly a little tricky this time of year!

Looking back I suppose I could have spent a little more time smoothing the old paint back for a better finish, but the image above is an unflattering angle and the blemishes are barely noticeable when on the car.

Once dry, just bolt them back on, making sure the splines are aligned correctly and the position of the wiper blade is correct on the windscreen.

And the final product:

Much better!